Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mini Golf Wacky Worlds

Miniature golf done right

I'm not usually swayed much by eye-candy, but I have to admit that this is a visually impressive game. From the 3D animated courses, to the fluid flyover of each hole, to the customization options for each of the golfers, Mini Golf Wacky Worlds offers a lot of high quality content for a low price. But all of this would be beside the point if the game wasn't fun. Luckily, the gameplay shines as well, with a well thought out control scheme and and a good physics model.

Drawbacks to this app include relatively long loading times and multiplayer that is limited to pass-and-play. But there are achievements to unlock and, just by playing the game, you can earn points towards the purchase of in-game content like other golfers, upgraded equipment, and fashion accessories.

The bottom line is that those who are looking for a good game of minigolf for their iPhone have reached the end of their search.

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