Thursday, March 4, 2010

Treasure Fleet

Discover this treasure

What's this, another board/card game translated from the real world? In the past I've welcomed such anomalies, and Treasure Fleet is no exception. The object of the game is to amass a higher score than your opponents over a set number of rounds. To accomplish this, you are given a supply of cards of various attack values, from which you choose three each round. You play one card each turn, allocating it to one of the four treasure cards which have been randomly chosen for each round. As a point of fact, the random order of the treasures is the only randomness in the game, as each player is given an identical supply of attack cards from which to choose each round. It is through judicious play that a victor emerges.

The playing field and cards are simple but attractive, and the strategic gameplay is fun. My only real problem with this app is that the help section is both incomplete and hard to navigate. Incomplete in that it doesn't tell you how to make your selections for the round or how to play a card come your turn. It also doesn't tell you that the dots on each card in your supply represent additional cards of that rank, nor does it indicate that some treasure cards are more common than others. All of these things can be discovered by playing the game, but their omission from the help section is puzzling.

Still this is a relatively minor complaint and even with a complete lack of multiplayer (a shortcoming the game's website says will be addressed in an update), Treasure Fleet's current price of $0.99 makes it a must buy for board game fans.

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