Tuesday, February 23, 2010

War 3100

War, huh, this is what it's good for

If you've hung around at the AppStore for some time, you've seen any number of turn-based strategy games float past your eyeballs. It's a growing genre and a welcome one for those of us who like some thinkin' with our playin'. War 3100 is neither the prettiest of these games nor the most ingenious, but it occupies a niche of unassuming competence that makes it a worthwhile addition to your iDevice.

On the plus side, there are a hefty 24 missions to play through and three AI levels to tune your challenge. There is also a map editor you can use to customize your playing experience. On the down side, the maps you make currently can't be shared with others. In fact, the only multiplayer available is via pass-and-play, though the developer has stated that he will be adding online abilities beyond leaderboards in a forthcoming upgrade.

The biggest head-scratcher in this app is the total lack of a manual or tutorial. You are dropped into the game without being told how to play, though the conventions are easy enough to pick up. You have to make do with a hint system that doles out information on gameplay elements one at a time, sometimes telling you how to do something a few turns after you've had to figure it out on your own. You can address this by reading a short manual on the game's web site.

While not really a standout, War 3100 is certainly a capable, enjoyable strategy game, and the upcoming multiplayer upgrade may render it an indispensable part of your game library.

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