Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sword of Fargoal

A roguelike for us all

Sword of Fargoal has you hacking and slashing your way through many dungeon levels, finding key items, fighting monsters, and improving your stats, all on your journey to find a legendary sword and escape alive with it. Much easier said than done, though, in a roguelike. Fans of roguelikes know what they are getting into when they try a game like this, and they relish the challenge. For others, while they can appreciate the randomness that creates different dungeons every time and gives the game longevity, the insane difficulty that comes with having only one life and no fall-back game saves is severely off-putting. Fargoal combats this by including a "Squire" difficulty level that allows the player to continue after death. Sure, one loses the items in his/her inventory and all gold, but stats and experience points stick around to aid in the player's progression. This simple inclusion renders the game accessible to those who would be inclined to pass over this app as a rule of thumb.

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