Friday, February 12, 2010

Reiner Knizia's Money

5 for the Money (Stars, that is)

Anyone who has been reading my reviews knows that I have a special appreciation for board/card games which have been skillfully translated to the iPhone. The games of Reiner Knizia (a rock-star in the world of game design) are a particular favorite. So it was with no small sense of anticipation that I approached this particular game. I had never played the physical version of the game and so didn't know what expect, but now I want to seek it out. It's rated in the top 10% of games on and, judging by this app, I can see why.

The mechanic of bidding on desired money with part of one's existing money is clever enough that it makes me wish there were a "lite" version of the app so that everyone could experience the fun of this game before purchasing it. And while I'm compiling a wish list list, the ability to compete against other humans would be most welcome. The several different levels of AI do guarantee that you'll always be able to find a challenge, but nothing beats playing against other people who enjoy playing as much as you do.

Finally, special mention needs to be made about the artwork in this game. Though naturally shrunk down from its original form, it is still quite beautiful, in addition to being functional. The UI and game mechanics have been well thought out and implemented. In short, this game is worthy of your attention and money.

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