Thursday, February 11, 2010


And then what?

Got this game a while back when it was v1.0 and played it for a few days. Quite fun I thought, and different enough from other check-in games to be worthwhile. However, by evening of the next day, I had achieved level 20 and this is where the fun died. Points are maxed out at level 20 and become completely moot. And once you've bought your maximum of 10 properties, what is there left to do? You can collect rent at the properties and upgrade them to earn even more rent, but there is literally nothing else to spend your money on. Once your properties are all at maximum level (they each level up 5 times) that's it; the game is essentially over.

I've now tried v2.0 and I can't say the game has changed much. Sure, it's got spiffy new graphics and higher limits on upgrades and levels. But when you hit the peak, which is still only a few days away, there is no reason to go back. There are leaderboards, but your scoring on them is almost entirely out of your control. And there are no restrictions on the number of people who can own the same property, so there is essentially no competition. Best to avoid this one for now.

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