Thursday, February 18, 2010

A trick-taking card game that's a real treat

If you enjoy trick-taking card games like Hearts, Spades, Bridge, or Wizard, you will be in heaven with . With its slick, faithful, and feature-chocked adaptation of Frank Nestel's clever rule set, it is obvious that this game was a labor of love for developer Steve Blanding. Available in the physical world in the card game collections Mü & More and Mü & Lots More (both highly rated on BoardGameGeek), Mü offers a depth of strategy almost unheard of in card games. So much so that even with a thorough tutorial, I would highly recommend reading the in-game manual in its entirety.

One huge point in favor of this particular adaptation is the ability to play with up to five other local users through Bluetooth. Mr. Blanding has devised a way around the typical two-player limit to such wireless communication, one that I hope other developers will utilize in the future. Mü also saves automatically and transparently at every turn, a necessary feature for a longer game such as this. And I have to admit that another point in favor of this app is that the game plays in portrait orientation, though one can turn his/her device on its side to view the detailed scoring charts.

If you carry any fondness at all for card games, you owe it to yourself to give this app a try. It will provide you with countless hours of enjoyment for a mere pittance, whether you play it alone or with friends.

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